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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Lettuce Bucket is BACK!

Someone hand me a bucket - the lettuce is ready!

No one is happier than me to see real food right out there in my yard.

And basil! The basil is (kind of) ready too!

Happy Friday everyone! The lettuce bucket is BACK, baby! Are you eating dinner out of your yard?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The farmiest of farm days!

Yesterday we had the farmiest of all farm days. We did it all - I started the day going to the feedstore and we ended with a cool evening walk in our woods.

I'm still working on the computer/pictures thing so here is my magnificent Zander. He was guarding the gate when I got back from the feedstore. No wonder our UPS guy hates our house. The Dread Commander Zander Hannibal BoneCrusher is impressive.

We had action, adventure,...and mowing. No, I did not break anything. But we cleaned a lot of dead rats out of the chicken house so that was awesome.

We did chores, butchered the last of our 3 original creepy meats, we chased the rest of the Chicken Mayhem out of my hostas, we fixed the fences, grazed the goats, mowed, tilled, fertilized, planted, and had burgers from our own home made ground pork.

It was hot but we worked anyway.

We raked barn litter, trimmed trees, and weeded the garden.

I found a tick on Nicholas's bottom. Check your inside-only cats, people. We couldn't believe that tick attached to Nicholas. I'm sure it came in with the dogs. Or me. I swear I feel a tick on me right now.
*hops around waving arms and yelling*

Our Itty Bitty - no tick on her tailfeathers.

We even had ice cream. I'm telling you it was a the farmiest of farm days.

What's on the agenda for today? More of the same.

Happy Thursday everyone! I'll catch up when I can!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First and only strawberry?

This could be my only strawberry but I was thrilled to find it!

The rest of my strawberry plants are looking kind of lame. I didn't see any other berries out there. I'm hoping the huge rains we had yesterday and last night will invigorate the plants. We really needed a good soaking and got it. I might also suspect a bunny out there.... looks like I'll have to take Kai out to see if we have a varmint.

I'll be checking the rest of the strawberry plants today but it looks like I'll be hitting up the u-pick place later this week.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Did you find any berries?

ps Thanks for all the support yesterday about my computer situation... I'm getting everything in order and have not broken it....yet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mighta dinged up my computer....

Yeah so... you know that thing I do with the mowers..... or the tiller..... or anything else of value?  It finally struck down my trusty laptop.

*** I have no pictures so imagine one here ***

It was a hard weekend full of false accusations of "doing it on purpose," of "that's no way to treat an expensive piece of technological equipment," and so forth and so on.

I tried to take my deadish laptop to the Nerd Herd where they shrieked gales of laughter as they ripped open the laptop and shook out about a cup of flour and three pounds of dog and cat hair. After composing themselves they said the laptop was dead and to just get another one.... and that was no way to treat an expensive piece of technological equipment.

Yesterday finally, The Big Man took me firmly by the hand, marched me into the Big Computer Store where I was instructed Not To Touch Anything, and led me back to The Cheap and Good Enough stack of computers.

I got one. I'm still setting it up. That's where I've been all weekend. *sigh*

Did everyone enjoy their weekend?

OFG, Breaker of Things. I am the reason we don't have anything nice.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Gotcha! Fooled You!...and 37*.

Yesterday we drove up to the very fancy and exciting Wilson's Garden Center for some hard-to-find peppers. We have only been able to find "Fooled You" jalapenos at Wilson's. I haven't even really been able to find the seeds anywhere.

Fooled you!

Fooled You is a mild jalapeno - they are terrific for jalapeno poppers or anything else. All the taste of the spicy peppers but without the heat. We just love them.

We were excited that, not only could we use our discounts dollars from our last trip, but Wilsons was also giving away a free sweet/bell pepper with any purchase! It's a new variety and they want to see how folks like it. I do not know how long that free give away is going on but we were thrilled for the freebies. 

We also took a tip from some friends and stopped at a mom-n-pop ice cream place. It was a terrific day.

I also need to note that it was 37* this morning. Seriously. I love the cool weather but nothing is going to grow if we don't get some heat. In the meantime, our meat chicks are completely out of control and we need to contain them.

Happy Friday everyone! Do you have a favorite pepper? How far would you drive to get it? We were in the car for a while yesterday.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kai MoleKiller. Or... the importance of "Show me."

We had an epic dig day yesterday. Zander and Kai dug an impressive hole. Then Kai found and killed two moles - two! Those big nasty ones with the weird feet. We sang songs of her battle glory last nite.

The dig team.

One of the best things we started doing with our best hunter was to teach Kai the command, "Show Me." This means... "I know that you've been up to something so take me to what you've done." Muddy faces, a little blood on her fur or mouth, death screams of victims, or a particularly funny look warrant the command "Show Me" ..... and running. 

In our case we especially need this command because Kai and Zander hunt silently. Not one bark. It's the way of the BearSlayers - they are the silent hunters. Which is a problem because I'll turn around and they have disappeared like shadows into the woods. Not entirely a problem tho because I'll ask Ti, "Where is your sister?" Or "Where is the puppy?" He always rats them out.

It was an impressive hole. Maybe a ground hog?

Kai knows to come and get me... or bring me her kills. We've reinforced this by excitedly hopping around, clapping our hands, and then immediately running to the house for a treat followed by all kinds of praises.

She also knows she will not get this response if her kill is a chicken. Or a duck. Just varmints.

The other dogs know this too (mostly) but with Ti I am usually more conversational and say, "where is it?" Lucky is not a natural born killah and Zander and Kai always hunt as a team. So we've really worked on teaching this to Kai.

Of course, after I filled in the hole they started digging it out again. Could be bears down there.

Why do we need this command? Mostly to make sure there are not dead varmints out there in the yard... and also because we need to know what is coming out of the woods. And we really don't want the dogs to eat stuff like that due to possible disease and probably worms and parasites. Luckily Zander and Kai are "soft mouthed" so they mostly just kill it by shaking then spit it out. After they've mouthed on it a while. Ew.

My Fighting Urk-Hai, Princess BearKiller.  aka "Wiggles MoleKiller"

Kai found her moles in different parts of the yard so I'm not sure if she was just particularly on point or if the Mole Nation are on the march. But either way she got 'em.. she got 'em real good.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Do you have a big hole in your garden? Does your dog bring you their kills or take you to the slain bodies of the enemy?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My broccoli is already going to flower!

Drat. The super hot days we had last week are really ruining my broccoli bed.


Last year I had terrific broccoli and really enjoyed the full harvest. Now I'm kind of stuck with small heads that are already separating and going to flower. I cut the first of the broccoli last nite - no one was happier than I was to have real food from our garden on the menu. But the broccoli disappointment is looming.

Planting continues.  I'm glad I held off for longer than I'd hoped because of the few very cold nights we had recently. This week will be cool and much more spring-like.. instead of the super hot and humid weather we've been having. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad for summer... I just have a lot of hard work do to before it gets here.

Happy Tuesday everyone - is your broccoli hanging in there? Or has it gone to flower?

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